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Bar Joist Hangers by
MCL Hangers

Developed using Open Web Steel Joists from all major United States and Canadian manufacturers.

How MCL Hangers are used on a open web steel joist
M1 green w part.png

M1 Hanger

M2 green w part.png

M2 Hanger

M3 green w part.png

M3 Hanger

Use M1, M2, or M3 for all Hanging Accessories 

MCL Hanger features:

  • Heavy duty; ideal for new construction, building upgrades, maintenance, and floor plan changes

  • Low profile allows installation within 6” of panel points

  • Easy installation with standard decking profiles

  • Designed to work on all open web steel joist with .85” to 1.25” chord gaps 

  • M1 and M3 work on unistrut 

  • Can be used with any length all thread rod

  • Available for 1/4", 3/8” and 1/2”

  • Can be pre-assembled on the ground for quick installation on the joist

  • UL Listed, can hold up to 4050 lbs. per hanger

MCL Hangers for 3/8” and 1/2” meet standards for safety under UL203, ULC/ORD C203

and NFPA-13 Pipe Hanger Equipment for Fire Protection Service.

MCL Hangers are manufactured in the United States.

Concentrically Loaded Joist

The Steel Joist Institute recommends hanging loads from joist chords concentrically to avoid the possibility of torsion on the chord. Installers no longer need to create a make-shift way to accomplish this. The MCL Hanger was designed to place the hanger and threaded rod in the gap between the joist chord angles, thus hanging concentrically from either the top or bottom chord. By design, as the hanger is tightened to the joist it will not rotate.

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