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Why is concentrically hanging preferred?

The Steel Joist Institute recommends hanging loads from joist chords concentrically to avoid the possibility of torsion on the chord.

Where can I order?

For pricing and ordering information contact Elliott Morgan at or 256.708.1315. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders acknowledged within 24 hours and will include expected ship date. Orders filled on a first come, first served basis.

How do I become a distributor?

Contact Elliott Morgan at Information about your company will be requested.

How do I know which MCL Hanger to buy?

Which MCL Hanger to buy depends on the characteristics of the structure it will be attached to. 

For Angle Iron Chords (for gap width from .085" to 1.25")

        Top chord - use M1 or M2

        Bottom chord - use M1 or M2

For Cold Formed Chords (for gap with from .092" to 1.25"):

        Top chord - use M2  

        Bottom chord - use M1 or M2

For Strut Bar: use M1

Generally when installing on the top chord the threaded MCL Hangers are the quickest and easiest to install. When installation is planned for the bottom chord, M1 and M2 work equally well. This is because the chord is easily accessible from above and below.

Which MCL Hanger should I use for a New Millennium, Nucor Vulcraft, or Canam Buildings joist?

For New Millennium we recommend M2 for the top and bottom chord as it was designed for the wider gap. 

For Nucor Vulcraft and Canam Buildings we recommend M1 for the top and bottom chord because the gap is narrower and they provide for a tighter fit. 

What decking profiles do the MCL Hangers work with?

MCL Hangers work with F, B, N, C, W and P style profiles on top chords. The height and width of the space presented above the chord provides adequate space for the insertion and rotation of the hanger.

What is included in an MCL Hanger Set?

Sets include one MCL Hanger, one heavy duty (fender) washer, one 5" all thread rod, and 2 nuts. Sets are only available for threaded MCL Hangers. All Set components can be purchased separately.

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